Boon curved Thai pads

Thai Curved Kick Pads Velcro


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Product Description

Quite simply the best Curved Thai kick pads on the market today. Boon Thai Kick pads are manufactured from the highest grade materials using thick high grain cowhide leather, soft high density padding and are handmade to the highest standards at the Boon factory in Thailand.  Boon’s well deserved reputation for quality was founded on products such as these and are known around the world for being some of the most long lasting durable thai kick pads on the market today.  Twin velcro buckles and thick riveted handles are standard on the curved pads, the stitching is meticulous and to top it off the Boon logo is branded into the leather showing its thickness and quality.

Treated leather to increase water resistance.

Additional Information

Dimensions 40 × 18 × 10 cm